Are Prebiotics the New Probiotics?

Credit: iStock Chances are you’ve heard of probiotics: microorganisms found in yogurt and other fermented foods and supplements that are touted for their ability to help the gut stay healthy. But the precursor to probiotics, called prebiotics, may be the next big thing in eating healthy.  The human body is made up of trillions of … Continue reading Are Prebiotics the New Probiotics?

Tart Cherries Are Sweet for Blood Vessel Health

Now that it’s officially spring, you may be looking forward to the bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables that will soon be available in grocery stores, farmers markets and perhaps even your own garden. The Montmorency cherry, tucked into the colorful landscape of the produce aisle, is tasty and healthy. The Montmorency cherry is a … Continue reading Tart Cherries Are Sweet for Blood Vessel Health

Curcumin, the Golden Spice

Growing up, I enjoyed spending time in my grandmother’s kitchen. Her cooking usually involved an array of colorful spices, including a generous mix of curry powder in nearly every Indian recipe. You can’t mistake the tantalizing smell—cooking with this yellow-tinted powder can fill a room quite quickly. But it appears that there is much more … Continue reading Curcumin, the Golden Spice