Curcumin, the Golden Spice

Growing up, I enjoyed spending time in my grandmother’s kitchen. Her cooking usually involved an array of colorful spices, including a generous mix of curry powder in nearly every Indian recipe. You can’t mistake the tantalizing smell—cooking with this yellow-tinted powder can fill a room quite quickly. But it appears that there is much more … Continue reading Curcumin, the Golden Spice

Inhale, Exhale and the Step We’ve All Been Missing

What is breathing? The simple explanation is that animals, including humans, breathe in oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. But a recent discovery has blown the lid off this paradigm by showing that respiration is not so simple. In vertebrate animals, oxygen is breathed in through the lungs, bound to red blood cells and then transported through … Continue reading Inhale, Exhale and the Step We’ve All Been Missing