Photoblog: Experimental Biology 2019

Experimental Biology (EB) 2019 was a whirlwind of science, collaboration and reconnection.  I Spy Physiology volunteer blog editor Audrey Vasauskas was our “woman on the street” during the poster sessions. She asked APS members and other EB attendees at the opening reception poster sessions “What are you most excited about for this EB 2019?” Read on for their responses.

Emma Hirshman

“I’m excited to here be at EB; I’m looking forward to the interdisciplinary research, all the organizations coming together, and the networking!” – Emma Hirshman

Aline de Souza

“I’m most excited about presenting my work to the public.” – Aline M. A. de Souza

Thomas Wilkie

“Communicating the truth, scientific outreach, and communicating everyone’s ideas!”     – Thomas M. Wilkie

Christina Kennedy

“Interacting with people at different institutions and presenting our data!” – APS member Christina Kennedy, PhD

Alekhya Peruri

“This is my first time coming to EB. I’ve enjoyed seeing all of the research that is out there, the entire experience has been great!” – APS member Alekhya Peruri

Johanna Schäubacher

“I’ve really enjoyed the focus on professional development, interacting with many different people from a lot of different countries, and the feedback I’ve been getting.”      – Johanna Schäubacher

Elizabeth Schroeder

“The focus on development has been important to me. EB does a good job with career development.” – APS member and abstract award winner Elizabeth Schroeder

Elizabeth Steadman

“I’ve enjoyed the collaborate nature of the meeting, seeing how other areas can apply to my research [and], the feedback I’ve been getting. Oh, and I love the badge ribbons!” – Elizabeth Steadman

Sudha Sharma

“This is my first EB, I am so surprised at all of the research here! I’ve enjoyed the interaction at EB.” – APS member Sudha Sharma

Melissa Puppa

“I’ve really enjoyed the diversity of topics and how they are brought together.” – APS member Melissa Puppa, PhD

Jeremiah Campbell

“EB is so much bigger than other conferences I’ve been to! My favorite part has been meeting these people who wrote the papers I’m reading, these experts in the field, and finding them easy to talk to—seeing that they are not that intimidating! – APS member Jeremiah Campbell

Johnny Barr

“I’ve enjoyed the research, but honestly, my favorite part has been the vendors. I’m the lab manager, so it helps me decide what is available for purchase.” – Johnny Barr

Andrea Watson

“I have interests both in physiology and anatomy, so the diversity of topics at EB is very appealing.” – APS member Andrea Watson

Sarah Sayner

“The posters have been fabulous! I have really liked the interaction at the posters.” – APS member Sarah Sayner, PhD

Julijana Ivanovska

“EB is so well organized with many people and so many branches of research. Every day you can find something in your field to broaden your research. The organizing committee did a great job.” – Julijana Ivanovska

Barnita Haldar

“I really liked interacting with people at the scientific sessions.” – APS member Barnita Haldar

Rosa de la Paz

“There are so many institutions and schools—you get to talk with so many others!” – Rosa de la Paz

Alexa Caruso

“I’ve enjoyed being able to attend sessions outside of my field and talking to people about their research.” – Alexa Caruso

Adam Morrow EB 2019

“Interacting with student trainees helps remind us of why we are doing what we are doing.” – APS member Adam Morrow, PhD

Karla Otterpohl

“Coming to EB this year has allowed me to learn about new techniques that I may be to use to better assess our research animals.” – APS member Karla Otterpohl, PhD

Audrey Vasausakas, PhD

Audrey A. Vasauskas, PhD, is an associate professor of physiology at the Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine. She is a former volunteer editor for the I Spy Physiology blog.

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