Enjoy the Fall! (And Stay Healthy and Happy)

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As September turns to October, many areas of the country start to feel a nip in the air and have brightly colored foliage on the trees. The beginning of “sweater weather,” going apple picking and seeing pumpkin spice everything in coffee shops and grocery stores are just a few of the things that autumn lovers look forward to as the summer heat gives way to the crispness of fall.

The shorter days and cooler nights may make you feel like jumping in the hot tub (or under the covers for a while!). You might get the urge to go outside to winterize the garden or into the kitchen to cook up a pot of squash soup. The season change might also leave you feeling a little blue. No matter how you feel, understanding the physiology of our bodies during this season can help you stay healthier and happier.

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Happy fall, y’all!

Erica Roth

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