2021’s Most-read I Spy Physiology Posts

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This year, as the pandemic continued, the lights of labs and classrooms switched back on as scientists and students returned to studying, working and researching in person. Our I Spy blog contributors wrote about a wide range of topics this year, including aging, the physiological effects of grieving, achieving optimal physical performance and how to move on from one type of career in science to another. We’ve discussed pollution, how animals contribute to vaccine safety and why we get thirsty. And we’ve continued to build out our “Spotlight” series, which explains fundamental physiology concepts.

This week we look at your favorite posts from the past year. Here are 2021’s top 10 blog posts:

  1. The Key to Reversing Aging: Folded Mitochondria?
  2. Can You Win an Underwater Breath-holding Competition?
  3. Marathon Runners: There’s a Downside to Drinking Too Much Water
  4. Spotlight On: Heart Failure
  5. Are You Thirsty? Here’s Why.
  6. Hot Tubs: The New Home Treadmills?
  7. How the AAAS Mass Media Fellowship Helped Me Move On
  8. The Physiology of Grief
  9. Invisible and Deadly: Small Particles Cause Big Problems for Our Hearts
  10. Horseshoe Crabs Help in Fight against COVID-19

What do you want to read about in 2022? Let us know in the comments or email us.

As always, thank you for reading our blog this year. Happy holidays!

Erica Roth

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