Photoblog: Control of Renal Function in Health and Disease Conference 2022

Kidney Camp attendees, 2022. Credit: Michael Hultström

Earlier this summer, the American Physiological Society, in conjunction with the American Society for Nephrology, hosted the Control of Renal Function in Health and Disease Conference in Charlottesville, Virginia. APS member Michael Hultström, MD, PhD, traveled from Sweden to attend “Kidney Camp,” as the meeting is affectionately nicknamed. Here, he provides some highlights of the meeting.

Kidney Camp started with an engaging keynote by Anna Greka, MD, PhD. She covered both recent publications and unpublished data, which has been one of the main draws of Kidney Camp in previous years.

Credit: Michael Hultström

The days were lightened by afternoon excursions to vineyards, allowing us to sample locally produced wines.

Credit: Michael Hultström

We also took advantage of more outdoorsy activities such as archery and axe throwing.

But scientific discussions continued unabated during pauses between sessions.

Every night there was dinner and karaoke until bedtime. For those not keen on singing, there was a fire pit where we could have a final nightcap and continue discussing renal tubular dynamics in the balmy summer nights of Virginia. The next meeting is already planned for 2025. We all hope to see you there.

Credit: Michael Hultström

Michael Hultström, MD, PhD, is a critical care anesthesiologist and associate professor of physiology at Uppsala University in Sweden. His research group works with circulatory function and the development of acute and chronic kidney damage both in experimental models and in patients. During the pandemic, Hultström’s research group has worked extensively with critically ill COVID-19 patients.

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