2022’s Most-read I Spy Physiology Posts

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This year, as COVID-19 vaccines and boosters protected most of us from severe disease, scientists and educators returned to labs, classrooms and in-person meetings with a lot of new physiology research to share. In 2022, our member-contributors wrote about the physiology of space travel, new techniques to improve organ transplantation and why exercise should be considered medicine. We also added almost a dozen new entries to our “Spotlight” series, which explains fundamental physiology concepts.

The most-read post from 2022—detailing how high altitude can affect the physiology of our digestive system—reached new heights as it took over the honor of being the most-viewed I Spy post ever. Gastrointestinal and liver physiology was a recurring theme our readers seemed to enjoy, with several posts in that area rounding out the top 10.

Here are your favorite posts from the past year:

1. Tummy Troubles Up High: How Altitude Affects GI Physiology

2. Antihistamines: Beyond Allergy Relief?

3. Blood Flow Restriction Exercise: Fad or Future?

4. Understanding Why Exercise Is Medicine

5. What Are the Types of Biomedical Research?

6. Making Sense of Salt Sensing

7. Space Travel Helps Us Learn about Our Gut

8. How Technology and Physiology Are Making Sick Livers Transplantable

9. Spotlight On: Autophagy

10. Why Liver Cells Are Like a Rowing Crew

What types of physiology do you like to read about? Let us know in the comments or email us. Thanks for joining us for another year of celebrating physiology in everyday life. Happy holidays!

Erica Roth

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