COVID-19 Is Keeping Us Up at Night

Credit: iStock Most of us know how important a good night’s sleep is for our physical and mental health. This is especially true as we live through the COVID-19 pandemic, but for many sleep has become increasingly difficult. Three-quarters of U.K. residents reported changes in their sleep habits during the initial lockdown in March and … Continue reading COVID-19 Is Keeping Us Up at Night

Your Brain During Microsleep

Credit: iStock If you’ve ever forgotten your morning cup of coffee and noticed yourself dozing off in the middle of the day, you might have experienced microsleep, a brief but very deep episode of drowsiness. Microsleep and regular sleep affect our bodies in similar ways, including changing our brain activity and decreasing how much attention … Continue reading Your Brain During Microsleep

2018’s Most-read Posts

December is here again, and we’ve tackled another year of physiology facts on the I Spy Physiology blog. This year, we’ve delved into topics ranging from the link between childhood stress and medical problems in adulthood, to how researchers use virtual reality in the classroom to teach physiology, to the many reasons why marriage is … Continue reading 2018’s Most-read Posts

Spotlight On: Circadian Rhythm

The phrase “circadian rhythm” seems to appear with increasing frequency in the news. The study of circadian rhythm also got a boost when the 2017 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was awarded to three pioneering researchers in this area. But many people may not understand what it means and why it’s important. All biological … Continue reading Spotlight On: Circadian Rhythm

When Sleep Problems Get in the Way of Your Greatness

We often hear about the importance of a good night’s sleep. Sleep refreshes the body, plays an important role in brain development and even helps wounds heal more quickly. Poor sleep quality can increase the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes. Symptoms of sleep apnea, which include snoring, shallow breathing, a complete … Continue reading When Sleep Problems Get in the Way of Your Greatness

When’s the Best Time to Eat? Your Body Clock Knows

The American Heart Association recently released a statement suggesting that when and how often you eat could affect your risk for developing heart disease and stroke. Until now, the focus on diet has been primarily about how much and what you eat. This news—that the time of day you eat may also be important—could change … Continue reading When’s the Best Time to Eat? Your Body Clock Knows

If Only Birds Could Compete in the Summer Games

Endurance is a hard-won characteristic of many elite athletes and is vital to winning most sporting competitions. If great frigatebirds could compete this summer, they would certainly take home a medal for endurance flight. Frigatebirds are large sea birds with wingspans of more than six feet across. They are really good at gliding and can … Continue reading If Only Birds Could Compete in the Summer Games