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December is here again, and we’ve tackled another year of physiology facts on the I Spy Physiology blog. This year, we’ve delved into topics ranging from the link between childhood stress and medical problems in adulthood, to how researchers use virtual reality in the classroom to teach physiology, to the many reasons why marriage is good for your heart. We’ve also started a new “Spotlight” series to explain some of the most frequently discussed concepts in physiology, such as high blood pressure and inflammation. Today, we’re highlighting the 10 most-read posts of 2018.

Exercise and sleep—two things that many of us don’t get enough of—were hot topics in the news this year, and the I Spy blog was no exception. Posts that reported breaking research presented at the Experimental Biology meeting were also popular and reinforce why scientific meetings are so important. Unusual allergies and the link between the digestive system and bone health rounded out the list. Take a look at this year’s top 10:

  1. Can Altitude Affect Blood Flow and Your DNA?
  2. Taking Ibuprofen during Exercise May Cause More Harm than Good
  3. Unusual Allergies: Water, Exercise, Sun and Cold
  4. Missing Out on Sleep, Missing Out on Health: Why You Need More Sleep
  5. Herbal Tea: Healthier Hot or Cold?
  6. Keeping the Juices Flowing with Beets
  7. Four More Reasons Why You Should Exercise Regularly
  8. Meditation, Stress and Mental Fatigue: Research from Experimental Biology 2018
  9. How Are Gut Bacteria and Bone Related?
  10. Walk It Out: How Frequent Walking Breaks Help Your Brain

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